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Rescue Farm

Interested In Adopting An Animal?

You can find pictures and information on our animals listed on our Petfinder site. (Find just cats or just dogs.) For more information on any particular animal, please email the address listed on that ad. Upon arrival, all Rescue Farm cats and dogs are spayed or neutered, vaccinated, and de-wormed. Cats are also tested for FIV and FeLV and dogs are tested for heartworm. If you already know which animal you would like, please feel free to fill out our online adoption form.

Our application asks mainly basic questions. We reserve the right to ask further questions if we feel it is necessary to ensure that the animal is going to a good, loving home. If you need time to pay a pet deposit or talk with your landlord, please let us know this at the end of the application.

We encourage you to ask any questions you may have regarding the animal you are adopting or pet care in general BEFORE adopting. In addition, we will happily answer questions you have after the animal is in your home. There is no refund after adoption but any animal adopted is allowed returned for any reason at any time.

Adoption Application

Contact Information

Household information

If you rent, what is the name and phone number of your landlord?

Current and Past Pets

Please list the pets that you currently own or have owned in the last five years, beginning with the most recent.
Type / Breed Age Sex Spayed / Neutered? Indoor / Outdoor? Still have?

Animal You Wish To Adopt


Before you adopt, we want you to recognize the following:

  • Pets are a tremendous responsibility. Dogs need walked, fed, trained, and tons of attention. Cats need fed, litter boxes need scooped, and cats need tons of attention. Multiply the energy and time needed by ten if you are adopting kittens or puppies.
  • Properly cared for cats and dogs can live 15 - 20 years, sometimes more! There are an alarming number of pets abandoned by owners who didn't think ahead. Are you going to be moving? If so, make sure you are dedicated to finding a place that allows animals. Are you going to have a child? If so, make sure that you know how to properly introduce the animal and the baby. Do you have allergies? If so, you should know how to handle your allergies if they get worse. We have volunteers who have dealt with and/or researched these issues. Please ask questions and we will be glad to help you!
  • Pets cost money. You have probably seen the "free" pets listed in the newspapers. But for a pet to be healthy and happy, they need regular vet care and quality food as well as some special attention. Will you be able to afford regular vet bills, food, and other items required for your new pet? Will you be able to afford specialty care and emergency vet trips if your pet becomes ill or injured? If the answer is no, this is the wrong time in your life for a pet.
  • Young animals, especially cats and dogs, live in social groups. If you are adopting a kitten or puppy, you should really consider adopting more than one. This provides a playmate as well as socialization skills and the benefits for both animal and owner are absolutely amazing!
  • Young animals and young children do not often mix well. Children who are not exposed to pets since infancy should likely not be exposed to a new pet until they are old enough to be easily taught how to properly hold and treat the new addition to the family. Young kittens and puppies are defenseless and an excited child can very easily harm an animal without meaning to.
  • Most importantly, PETS ARE WONDERFUL! It has been proven that spending as little as 15-20 minutes a day petting a cat or dog reduces stress levels enormously. Watching and interacting with a pet is entertaining and fulfilling. Pets can be a wonderful tool for teaching older kids responsibility (as long as an adult is willing to take on the responsibility of then supervising both kids and pets!). It is impossible to measure the love that an animal gives in return for relatively little effort on the part of its owner!