Rescue Farm

Wonderful update from Kirk's adopters!!

First, I wanted to let you all know what a positive experience I had visiting the farm yesterday. Your property is beautiful! Every cat and dog is truly blessed.

I'm not exaggerating when I say that KIRK IS THE BEST DOG EVER! His good indoor behavior has exceeded my expectations. No accidents of any kind, goes into his crate with no problems, and doesn't beg excessively when we are eating. His previous owners must have done a great job training him, because he is incredibly well mannered.

He is also fantastic on walks. Today we went for a 2mi stroll around Butler's campus and he was the perfect gentleman. He gets a little worked up about squirrels, but is otherwise a really good boy. He gets excited when he sees other dogs, but this is a behavior we are working on.

I plan on signing him up for obedience classes soon, if only to socialize him with other dogs in a structured environment.

Kirk is truly a gem, and we feel so lucky to have found him. Thanks for taking such good care of him these past few months!

Rachel and Chris