Rescue Farm

Happy Tails for February 2016

"Pugga says Hello!!" -Julie Freeman Beckstein

"There is nothing better than cuddles from your best friend when you're not feeling well. Our family will be forever grateful to you for bringing Maggie(Gemma) into our lives! Thank you!."- Jamie Hasty

"I trained Trixie to walk on the treadmill, so in days that it's snowy or rainy, she still gets exercise. This took me two attempts. I'm pretty sure she's a genius dog."- Krista Clark Cline

"Saturday when we talked and donated in honor of Super Sammy - well this is super Sammy our motivator. A rescue living large in TN now - He had been tortured teeth pulled ears almost mangled jaws broken.... We are all big fans and to honor him "he asked" we find rescues to give food to - to help his shelter buddies never feel hunger as they wait for their forever homes. He has a sister and 2 kitties - all rescues... and after all the abuse he loves everyone. Thanks for all you do!"- Taylor Amundson‎

"I've had Ruger (then Winter) for over a month now! Thank you for my best friend!."- Leanne Trader-Baker

"Just wanted to say thanks and give some kudos for all of our communication this week leading up to our adoption of Pinapple (now Jay Jay). Lauren did a great job responding to all my e-mails resulting from special need to hopefully get him trained and certified as a legally recognized service dog. So far he has already proven himself to be an extremely smart dog who has been awesome integrating into our family and menagerie of pets that includes 2 dogs and 3 cats!"- Bill Tackett