Rescue Farm

Happy Tails for November 2015

"Little Leonard is loving his new forever home! And especially loving his new brother Henry!" -Jessica Ashmore

"Finn and Cade's mama is thankful that they came to live with her this year. Thank you Rescue Farm." - Candace Robertson

"Hello! It's been almost 2 months with my new family. I've doubled my size and I'm doing great. Vet says I'm perfect! -Morgan (formerly known as Thora)" - Mandy Terrell Suhan

"Trixie is getting plenty of love at our house."- Krista Clark Clineā€ˇ

"This is Rocky and he's all ready to go outside in the rain. We adopted him 2.5 years ago. He is the joy of our life's."- Marla Morganā€ˇā€ˇ

"Maddie (Maddison) on the car ride and in her new home! She is doing really well and slowly adjusting to her hoomans."- Ada Golunska

"Francis (Now renamed Nugget) is settling in quite nicely. He's a happy, sleepy boy."- Amber O'Haver Potierā€ˇ

"Pecan and her bipeds are so very proud of her sister Gracie and Gracie's person Taylor Burket for their bravery and quick thinking. They are heroes!"- Diane Highland

"Peanut says hello as well ! She loves long walks, being in her papa's big arms and taking naps with her JRT brother Russ"- Paulina Zielinskiā€ˇ

"Sheila says hello ! We were able to cure her anemia and she can see !!! Thank you again for letting us make her a part of our dog loving family"- Paulina Zielinski

"I adopted Brix (formerly known as Champ) from you guys a couple years ago. Best decision I've ever made!"- Kelley Stanleyā€ˇ

"We adopted Sven, "Feidman" in April 2014. He is a wonderful dog and we love him dearly. So thankful the Rescue Farm saved him for us. Thank you for all you do!"- Teresa J Dunlapā€ˇ

"Buzz (left) & Butterscotch each have their own blanket, but still sleep with their heads together. Rivalry is alive with their attire: Buzz in his UK tshirt and Butterscotch in U of L red. So glad we have them both!"- Traci Chandler Wellsā€ˇ

"PuggaPuggaPugga says "Happy Howloween!"- Julie Freeman Becksteinā€ˇ