Rescue Farm

Happy Tails for march 2015

"Dog smiles everywhere! Baxter and Titan (Theon) are doing great together!" - Stacey Wicker Risk

"Butterscotch became part of the family 5 months ago today. I love her and "brother" Buzz so much! Thank you, Rescue Farm!" - Traci Chandler Wells

"Just sharing an update on "skamp" who is now Rocky (the black dog). We've had him just over a year now. As you can see he has made himself quite comfy in our home. He loves his fursister Lucy., he always has to have something in his mouth and he just holds it, whatever he picks up, he loves to sit on top of people and dogs and prefers to always be touching someone. And while he is sometimes the strangest nuttiest wacko dog I've ever owned, I can't imagine not having him. This is a typical night in our home." - Kim Aliff

"This is Lily an adopted sheepdog, named Petal, when she was with you and her also adopted pug brother."- Mary Murphy

"Ayla is doing great in her new home !!!! She's made herself pretty comfy.
Thank you !!!!!" - Kimberly Bowman

"My family and I adopted this cutie earlier this year. Her name then was Agra. We have since found that Piper is a better name fit for her. I recently had foot surgery and as you can see, she is taking VERY good care of me." - Buddy N Carrie Clephane

"We adopted, Rocky, from the Rescue Farm 1 yr and 11 months ago. He is smart, fun, adorable, a true character and the center of our lives. His human adult brothers and sisters says he's!" - Marla Morgan

"Bessie is excited to be going to her new home in Minnesota!" - Angi Castelluccio

"This is Otis who we adopted at Petsmart about a year and a half ago. We kept the name Otis because the name suits him so well. He is now up to 65 lbs at his last weigh in and still growing. He still thinks he's a lap dog. Thus picture was taken after we took a picture of one of his cat brothers. He saw the camera out and sat down and posed. Such a ham. He has so much energy and love to give!" - Susan Burgoyne

"I missed Luke's gotcha day. About a year ago we adopted Luke. He has been an exciting addition to our family!
His favorite things are, going for walks and rides, snuggles, playing with his fur brother, and peanut butter.
He has taught my children responsibility, unconditional love and earning trust."- Leanne Trader-Baker