Rescue Farm

Happy Tails for January 2016

"Callie, formerly Camry enjoying the snow!" -Mary J Reed-Hickman

"We got Mackenzie from your rescue 2.5 years ago. A beautiful old bearded collie I fell in love with at first sight. She was older lady with the most dramatic flair for being lazy, but that was okay, we were her retirement home. Sadly she passed away yesterday, but thanks to your rescue and us she had a wonderful few years roaming eating grass and snow."- Kate Broderick

"Friends forever. Trixie definitely loves this kid."- Krista Clark Cline

"Zoe (formerly Primrose) has done so well since we got her home! She is so spunky and sweet and we could not have asked for a more amazing dog."- Taylor Amundsonā€ˇ

"Lilly aka Black Widow"- Jeri Soulak Amos

"Honey (was Calla) struttin in her Christmas outfit."- Amanda Clickā€ˇ

"We love Mabel. (Formerly Kapalua)"- April Charisseā€ˇ