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Rescue Farm

Featured Dog of the Week : Curtis

CurtisCurtis is a cute little fellow! He seems to be a short haired wiry Schnauzer mix. Curtis is 5 yrs and weighs 16 pounds. He is a little shy when meeting new people, but loves to sit in your lap once he knows you. He has such an interesting look to him with a mohawk that goes down his back. Curtis is very smart and would be a great dog to work with training on.

Thank you

Thank you We would like to thank the fine folks at VanHorn Tint Accessories in Ellettsville for getting us through a very cold winter. Their generous donation of 10 gallons kerosene, a propane heater and propane, and many gallons of water was a real life-saver for our sweet pooches here. Thank you so much!

Wonderful update from Kirk's adopters!!

First, I wanted to let you all know what a positive experience I had visiting the farm yesterday. Your property is beautiful! Every cat and dog is truly blessed.

I'm not exaggerating when I say that KIRK IS THE BEST DOG EVER! His good indoor behavior has exceeded my expectations. No accidents of any kind, goes into his crate with no problems, and doesn't beg excessively when we are eating. His previous owners must have done a great job training him, because he is incredibly well mannered.

Puppy and Dog Adoption


It's a beautiful day to come and visit us at Petsmart!! We will be in Avon, IN from 11am-3pm with lots of cuties looking for a home!

Great news!!

We think we have found a new (used) van for the rescue! It is a little smaller than we had before, but our plan is to use a trailer for our crates and tents when we go to adoption events.

Dogs for adoption at Petsmart

All these dogs will be at the Petsmart store in Avon, IN today from 11am-3pm looking for homes!! We hope you will all come by and meet them.

Please help us share the word and find Theon a home!

theon Who remembers Theon? This handsome guy was one of our "Game of Thrones" puppies from this past summer. Unfortunately he is back at the rescue looking for a home! frownThe family that adopted him expected a teenager to be the main caretaker (unbeknownst to us) and not surprisingly, once Theon was no longer a cute little puppy, she grew bored and ignored him. And now at 10 mths old, he is too much work for the adopting family. As upset as we are with his past family, we are happy that Theon is back at the rescue so we can find him a family that will be committed to loving and caring for him for his entire life!!

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